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Kristen L. Phipps

Can Acupuncture Help Treat Depression?


Depression is a serious medical illness that can lower a person’s quality of life while contributing to the onset of symptoms such as headache, insomnia, fatigue, and malnutrition. According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 1 in 10 adults in the U.S. say they are depressed. Depression a growing problem that’s often masked with prescription drugs, [...] » Continue reading

New Study Reveals Acupuncture Benefits For Women In Menopause


Natural menopause – the absence of menstruation for longer than 12 months – often comes with a wide range of unpleasant symptoms, such as insomnia, anxiety, irritability, night sweats, and of course hot flashes. However, a recent study found acupuncture to reduce or even eliminate some of these systems, improving quality life and reducing stress/anxiety in women going through menopause. [...] » Continue reading

Transitions at SGCHA…..

Dear Friends of St. George Community Healing Arts, As many of you know, we’ll be giving our last treatments in SG this coming Friday, August 22nd. FORTUNATELY!!! we’ll be treating with Kristen Phipps, a wonderful colleague and friend from SLC who will be taking over the clinic, starting next week…So Community Acupuncture will continue in St. George!!! Kristen is a [...] » Continue reading